I am a critical human geographer and my research to date focused on three broad critical themes lying at the intersection of Urban Geography, Labour Geography, and Development Studies: (1) geographies of urban displacement and exclusion; (2) the everyday politics of placemaking and emplacement among the urban ‘poor’ in peri-urban areas; and (3) digitalisation and the future of work and everyday life in small towns in India. I conducted extensive field research in India.

My doctoral dissertation research funded by the National Science Foundation in the United States focused on the first two critical themes and examined the lived experiences of displacement and the colliding practices of placemaking among displaced and resettled slum dwellers in Delhi’s periphery. My research extends critical scholarships and debates on subaltern urbanisation, placemaking, survivability, and the right to the city.

My ongoing postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge funded by the Philomathia Foundation focuses on the third critical theme. This research provides fresh insights into a question on the future of work with significant implications for research and policy worldwide: how do digital platform-mediated service provisioning restructure employment relations, working conditions, and the workplace in small and ‘overlooked’ cities? This research extends critical scholarship on decentering geographies of platform work and Southern Urbanism.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge. I joined the Philomathia Social Sciences Programme in July 2021. I was a lecturer (non-tenure) in Human Geography at Maynooth University, Ireland from 2019 to 2021 and I have a doctoral degree in Geography from the Ohio State University, US.


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