A partnership for the Social Sciences

The University of Cambridge, a world-leading institution with strengths across physical, biological, medical and technological research, and in the humanities and social sciences, provides an unparalleled setting for collaborative research, addressing some of the major issues facing humanity today.

Thanks to the generous support of the Philomathia Foundation, the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences has embarked upon an ambitious and cutting-edge research programme to further innovative, forward thinking and progressive ideas in social scientific research since 2013.

More recently, the programme has supported five research projects, which are currently at various stages of completion.

Below is a list of currently active Philomathia Fellows and Research Associates:

1) Dr Ignacia Arteaga: Anthropology of Medicine and Care (Principal Investigator & Chair of Philomathia Steering Committee, Dr. Perveez Mody)

2) Dr Katarzyna Cieslik: Decent Work and Youth Livelihoods: Public Policy Challenges for Employment Creation in Sub-Saharan Africa (Principal Investigator & former Chair of Philomathia Steering Committee, Prof. Bhaskar Vira)

3) Dr Juan del Nido: The Ethics of Technology (Principal Investigator Prof. Joel Robbins)

4) Dr. Debangana Bose: The Gig Economy and the Future of Work in Small Town India (PI Prof. Bhaskar Vira)

5) Dr Adrián Lerner Patrón: Ecologies in Place (Principal Investigator Prof. Shailaja Fennell)

The upcoming Philomathia 5th Annual Symposium, Technologies: Uncertainty, ethics, and change on the 27 April 2023 will showcase the research carried out by the Philomathia Fellows with the contribution of other social scientists, both in and outside Cambridge. Fellows welcome and encourage the participation of PhD students and post-docs from other Universities by offering 10 bursaries  to partially reimburse some of the costs for travel and accommodation.

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