Perveez Mody came up to Cambridge as an undergraduate in 1993 taking a BA in Social Anthropology at Trinity College, Cambridge. She continued on to do ethnographic research with couples marrying out of love in Delhi’s District court and temples in north India, graduating with a PhD in 2001.  She was elected a Junior Research Fellow at King’s College in 2001 and published her first monograph The Intimate State: Love-Marriage & the Law in Delhi in 2008.  Since 2008 she was successively appointed as Lecturer, Mellon Fellow, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Cambridge.

Her most recent research is on the anthropology of kinship and care in the context of “forced marriage” in the UK.  Publications include Marriage: Rites & Rights (2015), Spaces of Care (2020), “Intimacy and the Politics of Love” in Annual Review of Anthropology (2022).  She is a Director of Studies and a Fellow at King’s and was previously the Senior Tutor of King’s College.

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