12 Oct 2021 - 8 Mar 2022


The Philomathia Research Fellows at the University of Cambridge are delighted to announce the launch of the 2021-2022 Philomathia Social Sciences Seminar Series. Organised as online or hybrid events, this academic term the seminars will feature speakers from across the social sciences and wider academia in an openly interdisciplinary drive to understand the kinds of questions that science and technology are raising. From the ethics of authorship to the nature of labour relations, from methodological approaches to big data and biomedical innovation to the framing of public policy, current developments are forcing us to ask increasingly complex questions about how we organise and understand our relations with one another, the future, and the material world.

Key dates:

  • 12. Oct. 2021. ‘Data is not a thing: approaches to studying data and data practices ethnographically.’ Dr Antonia Walford. Lecturer in Digital Anthropology at UCL.
  • 26. Oct. 2021. ‘What does it mean when experiments fail?: Attending to positionality in the “replication crisis”.’ By Dr Nicole Nelson, Associate Professor in History of Medicine and Bioethics at the University Wisconsin-Madison.
  • ’23. Nov. 2021. ‘Platforming women, work and family in the gig economy.’ By Dr Al James. Professor of Economic Geography at Newcastle University.
  • 30. Nov. 2021. ‘Ghosts in the Machine: The ethics of automatic literature.’ By Dr Anne Alexander. Director of Learning at Cambridge Digital Humanities.
  • 25. Jan. 2022. ‘Platform-work and Power: considering intersectional issues in algorithmic work.’ By Dr Noopur Raval. Postdoctoral researcher at the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University.
  • 8. Mar. 2022. ‘How is a platform a workplace?’ By Dr Lizzie Richardson. Junior Professor in the Department of Human Geography at Goethe University, Frankfurt.



Katarzyna Cieslik, Juan Manuel del Nido, Debangana Bose and Ignacia Arteaga

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