Banya, R., Cieslik, K., David-West, I. (2022). Driving for Platforms in Lagos and Abuja: Can E-hailing Create Decent Jobs? University of Cambridge Report.

Can e-hailing create decent jobs? In response to the rising youth employment crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, we investigate the potential of the e-hailing sector in
Nigeria to create work opportunities for the rapidly growing urban populations of Lagos and Abuja. E-hailing is often promoted as a lucrative side-gig for those
already employed or in education. The lived experience of the majority of e-hailing drivers in Lagos and Abuja does not fit that profile: e-hailing is their primary occupation and main income source. In collaboration with the Nigerian National Union of App Based Transport Workers (NUBATW), we explore the perils and prospects of driving for platforms and propose an agenda for action.

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